May 27, 2021

A fraudulent product document (an image can be seen below) referencing Manulife Investment Management and The Manufacturers Life Insurance company is being circulated. It promotes a fake Manulife fixed rate bond plan that portrays false information. No employee or authorized agent of Manulife Investment Management, the Manufacturers Life Insurance company or any related entity is in any way associated with this document.

The document features Manulife Investment Management’s logo and branding. Manulife Investment Management does not offer a Fixed Rate Manuplus Bond Plan and this information and document is fraudulent.

Be aware that you cannot rely on information in this fraudulent document. Some characteristics that may indicate an increased risk of  fraud experience are

  • A great sense of urgency around receiving deposits, applications etc.
  • Guarantees or results that appear too good to be true

We are actively monitoring and investigating this situation and are taking steps to protect our clients and community.

If this product is being offered to you please immediately contact your local police authority and your provincial/territorial securities regulator. Do not share any personal information with the individuals in question. For more information about fraud prevention, you can consult the following government agencies website: Ontario Securities Commission.

A screenshot of a sample of a fraudulent document currently in circulation. It is not an actual product. The left side of the screenshot contains the Manulife Investment Management logo followed by the titles Manulife Fixed Income and Savings and Manulife Fixed Rate Manuplus Bond Plans. The right hand side of the screenshot includes a close up picture of green leaves.